Saturday, June 16, 2007

XeO3: Bug time..

So... I finally found some time and energy to boot up the project again, and low and behold - another bug. If you look at the image you'll see the litte white lines above some of the sprites, this I think is due to the first or last sprite not being setup correctly, but Im having a little trouble pining down as to why. This is running with only 3 cache entrys, which is pretty cool really as it means its using virtually no memory (saving 10k!), but it does slow down a lot when the screen gets busy and the cache is emptied on a regular basis.

Once I fix this, I think that'll be all the bugs out of it, and I can once again start on the weapons system.If you recall, I did start on that before, but it went slightly pair-shapped, and I had no idea why so I had to undo it all and hope to start again fresh later.

Anyways... I'm off to try and find this one, its been around for a while, but with 137 cache slots its hard to spot - at least with only 2 or 3, its right there in front of me.

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