Saturday, April 28, 2007

Thinking about it.....

Not been doing much just now, I've been mainly thinking about the weapons system and how Im going to implememt it. I suspect its going to be table driven with a new table for each weapon as that makes it easy to power up/down.

I've been fitting a new extractor fan to our downstairs loo, and been reading up on UK mains wiring and power. Mains power scares the shit out of me, as one slip and your basically dead! However, after reading stuff on the net for an hour, and unscrewing a couple of light switches here, I figured it all out and wired it up okay...worked 1st time too! It's a new leason I've learnt from doing electronics...tripple check, then check some more - make sure everythings right, or you pay with yout wallet! (or in this case, your life!) Still, all done now.

I'm eagerly awaiting the results of the limiTED demo comp on the Plus/4, its been pretty good and had some great entrys, and voting has been pretty good as well! Theres been talk of doing it once a year which would let folk know about it and get even more entrys and votes next time! I like these small demos (64, 128 adn 1024 bytes) as they mean coders can try stuff without them having to look too fancy; great fun. I wish they'd add a 256 and 512byte entry as well....1k is too much for me!

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