Thursday, April 05, 2007

Let there be finger!!

Well, almost there. The big bandage came off today, so I can now see how its healing, and its pretty good. This means I dont feel too bad typing now, so I'll probably start debugging XeO3 over the weekend again. Because its over the joint, I still cantr bend that finger - not until I take those paper strips off, but I can get by okay as long as i can use 2 hands (mostly). Oh well.... Im off on holiday just now as I can't really do anything productive at work, but the suns out, the kids are off - so we can have a little R+R at least.

(Oh...and I know it doesn't LOOK bad now... but try and imagine pulling back the folds along the cut and almost seeing bone! Wish I'd gotten a picture of that! )

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Anonymous said...

Gh! The gore continues! X-/