Thursday, August 24, 2006

Scrubs and TV

I've been sitting watching scrubs again, and I just keep cracking up at it. Since Stargate's now been cancelled, its good theres still something on thats still worth watching!

I had to stay late at work tonight which wasn't bad.... I think thats the first time in the 2 1/2 years since I started! Russell and I are determined that we won't work the insane overtime that usually goes with being in the industry. I think once you have a family, it all changes, and you just don't care what the hell they'll say..... As long as the work quota is reasonable, and you make it - you shouldn't have to do overtime.... This doesn't seem to be the way the rest of the office is working..... They're gonna lose people over that.

I've been working with C# at home in preperation of Microsoft releasing the XNA stuff, so I've been building a games framework - and my understanding of what you can do! Its quite nice, very Java but without the pish java has to deal with. About the only issue was getting a timer to automatically update the window every 50th of a second. Its never gonna do Unreal3 on windows.... but it might on the 360!

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