Monday, May 23, 2022

#CSpect 2.16.4

#CSpect V2.16.4 changes

Will now finally tell the user to install OpenAL, and I've fixed some 4bit relative image stuff.
  • Now correctly detects that OpenAL is not installed, and will message the user and disable audio
  • Added "IR" register to disassembly window
  • Fixed some 4bit relative sprite shape stuff
  • F5 will now screen shot whatever is on screen. The Spectrum screen (pre-shader), or the debugger
  • Window should now start centered on screen (or 0,0 if screen isn't big enough)


Johan Steyn said...

I have copied the openal dll everywhere and yet CSpect still says it is not installed. I have also run the windows installer. I have tried this a year ago and then it also did not work. Cspect without sound is not an option. Sad though.

GeorgeS said...

The problem is the wrong "OpenAL32.dll" version!

This is the solution for both 32 and 64 bit Windows, although I can only confirm 32 bit which I use!

Download OpenAL 1.1 Windows Installer "" from

Unzip contents, get "oalinst.exe" and put it in your CSpect folder

Download "" from

Unzip contents, go to "bin" folder and select the "soft_oal.dll" from the Win32 or Win64 folder (according to your Windows version)

Put the "soft_oal.dll" to CSpect folder together with the "oalinst.exe" installer you already have

Rename "soft_oal.dll" to "OpenAL32.dll", because the installer expects this name for the dll

(I think you have to rename to "OpenAL32.dll" even the 64-bit dll(!!!), and not something like "OpenAL64.dll" - I can't confirm, as a 32-bit user...)

Run the installer

Start CSpect without the "-sound" option, of course, to enjoy sound!