Sunday, August 29, 2021

#CSpect V2.14.8

#CSpect V2.14.8 changes

  • Fixed a L2 scrolling issue - that I'd just added.... *sigh*

#CSpect V2.14.7 changes

  • Fixed a L2 clip scroll offset issue

#CSpect V2.14.6 changes

  • Forgot to switch on the new rendering again - now done.

#CSpect V2.14.5 changes

  • Fixed L2 left clip (I think)

#CSpect V2.14.4 changes

A few fixes have been requested by devs, so I've done a quick new version.
  • Fixed L2 320 and 640 clip window
  • Fixed LD_R_A in debugger to "LD R,A"
  • Fixed a bug when writing the copper control byte, where it would reset the lower byte of the copper write address
  • Added the raster offset register ($62) but mostly untested.
  • Screen rendering now starts in the HBlank, not at the end of the line, allowing changes for the next line to take place in the HBlank.


Adam said...

Hi Mike,

I am unable to launch any of the 14 point releases on my Raspberry Pi 4. I have the latest version of Mono installed but I receive an error when trying to launch Cspect, which begins with the following:

"Unhandled Exception:
System.ArguementOutOfRangeException: Year, Month, and Day parameters describe an unrepresentable DateTime... "

I'm sorry, I know it isn't much information, and I'm sure you're busy, but would you be able to help at all? Cspect 2.14.8 runs fine on my Mac, and I'm using the latest 13 point release on my Pi for now.

Thanks for all of your hard word! I'm finally learning Z80 thanks to your emulator whilst waiting for my Next to arrive.

Best wishes,


Anonymous said...

Hi, is this file safe to download?
The following antivirus software reports that it contains malware:
BitDefenderTheta, Elastic, Mcafee, CAT-QuickHeal, MaxSecure and SentinelOne.

Adam said...

Nevermind, I finally resoved the issue by updating to the latest Next system files. All working again on Raspberry Pi OS now.