Thursday, February 07, 2019

#CSpect 2.2.4

In this version of CSpect, the number of Sprites has increased to 128, and we have the new tilemap engine to play with.

CSpect V2.2.4 changes:
  • Minor update for tilemap indexing when tile size is 16bit.

CSpect V2.2.3 changes

  • Added Tilemap screen mode
  • Upped sprites to 128 as per new hardware (yum!)
  • Added X and Y scrolling to tilemaps
  • Added ULA scrolling using LowRes scroll registers. Note: X currently byte scrolling only.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs in the streaming API.
  • Fixed USL rendering order - was just buggered. (Layer2 demo was broken)
  • Added a "vsync" mode when using "-60 -sound"
  • Bit 4 of nextreg $09 now locks next sprite regs, and port regs together
  • Fixed regs $75-$79 sprite auto inc


Anonymous said...

main emulator exe not working at all /under Win10/, not even a bleep, nor *.bat files, eh.

Serdjuk said...

CSpect file for win 7 not working :(

Intrepidis said...

It all working great! I just tested my Layer2 project. I'm on Windows 10. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

On my Windows 10 Home too, CSpect.exe won't run.
It exits immediately without any message.

Windows 10 Home
Version 1803
Build 17134.523

redclash said...

Great, I got this version now running under Linux and Mac.

A question:
Is there a command line option for fullscreen. I'm aware of ALT+ENTER but is there a way to start right away in full screen mode.

And, is it possible to scale the screen such that less of the border is visible but the "usable" screen is bigger?

Anonymous said...

win users .. try installing OpenAL ..

Unknown said...

xbox game pad for pc no longer working last version I could get it working was 18