Sunday, May 02, 2010

DMA Design radio program

A while back the BBC did a little radio program on Dave and DMA Design, it's a pretty good program and well worth a listen. It's mainly four of us talking about how it all started, and you can hear Dave, Me, Russell and Steve talking about how it all got going. Anyway... it's pretty good, so have a listen.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike, I just got to know of your DMA history site from Amiga Games that weren't or whatever its called.

I play a part in the history of Menace from a different angle, I wrote for a monthly gaming paper aptly named Games Trade Monthly (I was also a writer Atari User), we had a good relationship with Psygnosis and they sent me Draconia (I always remember it as Draconius these days for some reason), anyway, I got it to review and it's me that contacted Pysgnosis re there being a game with that name already out.

I forget who it was I spoke to (Nikki spring to mind for some reason) but yes, twas me that interfered with the name :)

Wish I had a copy of the review to add to the DMA history site but I lost all my original stuff over the years.



Unknown said...

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