Monday, November 30, 2009

Life changing magazines #4

So this one is a little simpler. It's my first published work. I was 16 when I sent it off, so in the 2 years from reading the WORMS program listing, I had learnt basic Z80, gotten a spectrum, written a Database for my Mums work, was without a computer for a almost a year(spectrum went back to my mums work), and then gotten a Plus4 and learnt 6502. I find this frightning as these days, YEARS seem to slip by without anything appearingto happen!

So here is the letter I wrote, the reply I got, and the final article. I was well miffed that they didn't put my name on it however - everyone else got that! Story of my life that.... everyone's always taking credit for my work in some shape or form....

From now on, they're not that "life changing"... just important, or funny. There was one other one, but I appear to have lost that. It was a turbo loader for the Commodore Plus/4 which I used a lot, but I then adapted it to be an interrupt driven one on the C64, which then allowed me to play a game while things were loading. Aside from this one, the rest were all after I "turned pro", and so weren't important, just funny/cool/etc.


Anonymous said...

Hi MIKE! I'm a huge fan of yours, but my wife really hates you! I'm still hanging onto GTA2 with all I've got, even if it has a multitude of fun 'issues'. I wanted to officially invite you to our community of GTA2 multiplayers still running strong and maybe even stronger in GTA2 Game Hunter, by Sektor/GTA2GHBOT @ I'm Canadian and go by IRC handle of [DAFE] and am the author of Death Valley. We'd love to have you on with us sometime to chat and learn more about the game. There are some people wanting to fix GTA2 up, but Rockstar doesn't seem to want to appease these desires. Looking forward to hearing back from you some time.


PigE[O_o] said...

Hi there, there isnt enough room for me to talk to u about this. but ill sum it up as best i can. GTA2 fans of about 5-9 years i believe possibly even longer would like to speak with u about a project u might really be interested in or if u could just give us sum friendly insight on a few email is if intersted as well as Game Hunter. DL GH&GTA2 and come hav a chat wth us please. Sorry for posting twice. i was intently reading your articles and lost track of where i was. People Are Sill scripting maps COME CHEck it Out [0_-]

DAFE said...

P.S. Here are some useful links to what I've posted:

Home of Sektor's GTA2 GameHunter:

Free GTA2 Download link:

DAFE's Death Valley GTA2 Multiplayer map

Your humble servant:

Peter Baruffati said...

Not such a smart arse comment this! I was at school with a Mike Dailly in Dundee. Yours is not such a common name and mine most certainly isn't! Just recently got into blogging and came across your name. Are you the Mike Dailly I'm thinking of....?

Mike said...

No, Don't think so. I believe the Glasgow solicitor was brought up in Dundee - so it's probably him!

We're a rare bunch though, and always amazingly talanted!
(yeah... alright... possibly not..)