Saturday, June 27, 2009

Editor woes

You know its amazing how fast you can do an editor if your not trying to be fancy. Take RetroEdit. It's actually trying too hard to be the jack of all trades, and as a result, its currently the jack of none. This isn't to say it won't eventually work and do its job, but currently because its trying to hard, its progressing slowly.

Now, take a look at a little map editor I'm currently knocking up for my little iPhone Golf game. I'm not trying to make it a generic editor, and I dont want to reuse it later (not that I couldn't hack it into something else later mind). But this means Im free to throw code in at a great rate of knots and as a result, within a day (almost) I've just about finished the basic editor. It's got a tile window, brush support (grabing multiple tiles at once), and I'll add a quick UNDO function in there for when Im being stupid.

It's amazing how quick you can do these things when your being specific, and I do wonder sometimes if the tools I try and do at home are being too ambitious and as a result might never get finished... hay-ho...

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