Monday, May 11, 2009


I've now reinstalled sub-version. As I'd hoped, it was pretty painless since I already had all the config files setup and simply had to point at them. Windows 7 is pretty nice and I'm trying really hard to keep features like the user account control, but I'd also love to be able to switch it off for specific programs - like the command prompt (when run as administrator). Still, I'll keep plodding on and see if I can get used to it.

I'll need to test the remote access tomorrow, but since the firewall hasn't changed, it should all be fine; fingers crossed!

I've only a couple more programs to install and I should be back to normal. I have lost my 3rd monitor as it the display seemed to be locking up a lot, but since I've just installed some new drivers, I'll try switching it back on and seeing if its all working again. I like having 3 monitors, it'd be a shame to lose it.

Russell reminded me that I actually have a proper MAC that I could be testing with MONO (my dual core G5), and although I'll need to get more RAM it would be a good testing ground for retro edit (which Russ tells me runs pretty slowly on it) and mu debugger - once I get TCP/IP support in. I could probably knock up a GL version of Minus 4, this should be easy as Russ has ported my speccy emulator over I suspect I could pinch the source to that and get Minus4 working pretty quickly. This would then let me use the OgreDebug and the TCP link to the emultor.. I think.

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