Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Source control...

I've finally (FINALLY!) gotten my subversion server up and running and even managed to open up access to other members of the team. This means Russell can now help out on the editor and debugger (if he gets bored), and once Luca gets used to it, he could actually build levels directly into the source without me having to make special versions for him.

I'm currently adding all my relivent projects into the depo and assigning various access rights but it all appears to be going well. Russell has been busy moving house so we're hoping that he'll actually start doing things again soon! (*gasp*)
(perhaps he'll even update his blog!)

I've been trying to get my debugger up and running againas it's quite close to a first version (I think), but there seems to be an issue with downloading to my plus4 - no idea why. I just hope my parallel port isn't fried again! I weas toying with doing an RR-Net for the plus4, and if my parallel port is dead, I may have no choice. I guess I could always do a C64 version in the meantime, and I still have the emulator plug-in to write as well.

I really need to get back up and running as I'm currently not getting anything done at home just now. Fingers crossed this will change soon!

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