Friday, October 31, 2008


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So someone was asking who was who... so here we go (hope I remember it right!) Clockwise fomr the top-left.

Robbie Graham - Artist
Malcom Scot Maxwell - Game coder and project leader
Dave Jones - Boss, Big cheese, and all round pest.
Andrew Innes - Front end, stats and general coding.
Martain Good - CG artist (did all the unicycles!)
Steve Hammond - Manual
Mike Dailly (Me!) - Level Editor, Uniracer compression, SNES framework and tools.
Colin Anderson - Music and effects.
Craig Arbuthnott - Head of testing
And I cant remember the last two. Testers I think....?

Head over to the staff pics on the Flickr account for better (all be it older!) pictures of some of us.


Anonymous said...

Check out the XEO3 CPC+ project.

Mike said...

Is this yours?

Anonymous said...

Partly! We are actully two guys working together!

We have converted most of the visible graphics. Level map and tiles. From the huge level image.

Major parts of the code is working.

What we need is an explanation on how the Z80 version of the scripting engine works! (From the Spectrum version)

Also the sprite data of the baddies etc.

Hope you can help!



Mike said...

Okay, my machine was a bit dead and my mail box was too full, so I may have missed any emails you sent.

Get in touch at mike at dailly dot org and we can discuss it a bit more. I have fairly strict criteria for anyone I let port this stuff, but I am open to letting others in (as it were). I would never forbid anyone doing unoffical ports, but for offical ones you have to meet some requirements (which you may not like of course).

But get it touch and we can talk about it....

KungFuFurby said...

Nice! Have you heard of They showcase SNES Music in SPC format... ^_^

Mike said...

Cool. I have to say, I dont remember much SNES music as being stand out - not in the same way as the C64 at any rate. But its good seeing this kind of site.

snap2grid said...

Ah, the manual. Very well received it was. And I'm not just saying that because I wrote it. And I can prove it too, despite Nintendo's give-credit-to-no-one-but-Nintendo policy.

Anonymous said...

The manual was great, one of the few worth reading at the time. But here's what I thought when I first saw that image (not long after the game came out) :

Father Dougal, Terry Christian, someone, my brother James, John Major, Matthew Kelly, Gerry Adams, a mutant, the unsuccessful half of Newman and Baddiel, two other someones.

Strange that the verification for this post is "unica".

I've always hoped the DMA History would resume so that Unirally would be covered someday!

Unknown said...

I just got a copy of Uniracers at Jay Street Video Games for $11.99. It is strangely addictive and has great multiplayer!

Unknown said...
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