Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Life goes on.....

Well, yes...January hasn't been a good month this year. Flu and close family bereavements have all added up to just a bad start to the year. This means I've not been doing much on the XeO3 front; its far from dead again, I've just not been able to (or had the will to) carry on just now.

To top this, work pressures have started to build once more, and they are only going to get worse. I've had to start looking at stuff at home which means even less time to do my own hobbies.

This will (as it always does), ease off at some point and we can carry on, but until that happens progress will be slow. I'll try and keep you all updated as time goes one, and to reassure you I've not forgotten or grown bored with it all.

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