Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Play.com: How the mighty have fallen....

For those that don't know, Play.com are a fairly sucessful on-line DVD shop. They have reciently branched out into electricals and games but while doing so have sacrificed what made them great...

I just tried to order a Hi Def DVD player from them only to have my account suspended. I then recieved an email telling me to phone customer support to verify who I was. Now.... if I was a new user, OR had changed my details in the past - hell - YEAR! then I could understand this. I had added a new delivery address, but these items "for security reasons" were being shipped to my home/billing address. On top of that, they emailed the email address they've held for the past several years to ask for verification.

This comes on top of increasilly poor service. Now, Im a DVD fan - a HUGE DVD fan, so I notice this more than most. But in the days of "next day delivery" or at the most a couple of days, a couple weeks is bad. And thats what play now deliver on a regular basis. My current record is 4 weeks, I now NEVER recieve an order from play quicker than 2 weeks.

And to top all this off, our local Asda has started beating them on price - HUGELY! The new Shrek the 3rd movie on play is around £12.99, while Asda have it for £8.88! This is happening more and more, so much so that I found the only reason to order from play, was the fact I could do it easily, and then they pull this.

Not only that, but when you buy a pre-release, you could usually assume you would get it on the day of the release. NOPE! They've screwed that as well. I ordered Call of Duty 4 months before it came out, yet I had to wait several days after launch to finally recieve it, when I could have walked into a shop on the friday and get it for exactly the same price.

Now only did they ask for verification, they actually suspended my account. Bastards the lot of them. Everything on play can be bought else where, usually at the same price or sometimes now cheaper. It didn't used to be this way.

.................So much for internet shopping being cheaper,quicker and easier - to hell with them.

(rant over)


Jay said...

I have no problems using play.com, longest time i have is about a week, last order i bought was bladerunner from playusa which came out on the 18th dec and it arrived the 24th and that was airmail, no extra charges and the cheapest on the internet!
So even though you had a bad experience with them, i still recommend them, plus if its cheaper elsewhere buy it elsewhere you dont have to buy everything from them!!

Mike said...

If it had just been once, then I wouldn't have had a problem, but its now most times where delivery is just plain late; hugely so.

Im also fed up of their so called security methods. security is fine unless it gets in the way. Having to get something sent to your house instead of your place of work just to make sure it waw you that bought it is one thing, and for expensive items I'll accept that. But when they make you phone them up as well as that, then thats taking the piss.

And as to buy stuff from elsewhere, I now do and I even get it on time!

Jay said...

Great, oh btw I'm making a blog on Lemmings, well its just mainly about the ports, every format it made across be it official or not, there isn'r one place where all the info is complete so here's my effort, plus later on I'll be adding my levels I'm designing for PC and now DS which has a great version, feel free to take a look ;) oh any mistakes (no doubt there are some! please let me know!

Jay said...

oh it might help if i left the address!