Thursday, February 01, 2007

Plus/4 flash ROM

I was going to put OS96 on some EPROM's so that I could do some bits for Solder, when he suggested that I get a larger ROM and use a switch to toggle back and forth. After thinking about it for a little, I decided to go one step further and put in a single 128K FLASH ROM. This needs a larger socket, a NOR gate and a switch, but will allow me to update the ROM with a little more ease than EPROM's.

I guess I could allow the Plus/4 itself to reprogram it, but I think that might be taking it too far as no one else but me will be using it, and I have a lovely EPROM/FLASHROM programmer. It will mean I could have 4 different ROM's on here if I wanted though - although only 2 are needed just now....but you never know!


Anonymous said...

I see few of your posts without comments, so I just wanted to tell you that you are progressing nicely, and keep on doing just like that!

I would like to comment some of your electronics from the point of view, of someone (me :) ) who built quite a few devices, but so far you are not bad at all :)

ps. And get it done so we could see xeo3 in action :)


Mike said...

Well, I suspect theres few comments because very few folk do this stuff these days, so while they may read, they probably won't comment. But its great to get advice from folk like yourselves that have been doing it for years that stops me from being stupid! :)

Yeah....I know...I'll need to get back onto Xeo3 again...Im determined that this will be the year... but it still remains to be seen if its a disk game...or something else... :)

Anonymous said...

This will be THE year, for sure! :) And we're lurking the blog, yeah.