Tuesday, November 07, 2006

XeO3: ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..............

Yep....did nothing but sleep again last night..Oh well... Just as well this isn't my day job.....

I have been thinking about the absolute limits of memory I can free up though, and I reckon I can claw back around 4k from various sources - tops. After that, I need to start cutting features.

   1k  -   Sprite Cache by seperating all the sprite data from from the sprite structure.
1k - Sprite definitions. Just now there is a 16bit pointer to a cached rotation,
if I change this to a cache number, I can save 8 bytes per sprite *167 sprites,
but I'll then need a 300 byte look-up table, so gain around 1k overall.
1k - Paths. I really dont think Im going to need a full 4k for the scripting. The levels
aren't that long really (compared to Blood Money which used 4k for paths as well),
so I can probably cut at least 1K, possibly 1.5k
1.5k- Theres currently a free block right at the top of memory of 1.5k which Im desperately
trying to hold on to, but if push comes to shove.... it'll have to go too.

Now this is a fair bit to free up, and the sprite stuff will take a little bit of work but once done, that should set us on course to finish up the main code. wow....code complete...who would have though it... Still, not there yet!

The to-do list is currently...

  Finish Weapon system
Finish loader with the new Turbo Loader
Add loading screen
Add High scrore table to the front end (top 10)
Save High scores to disk
Add TED music player - if possible
Add multi-load for more levels (make sure its a variable number for skining later)
Do a TEST level that we can release to help get the difficulty right.
Make all levels
End sequance - even if its a simple one

I think that about covers it..... Still lots to do, but we're over the hill and rolling down the other side.


Anonymous said...

"Save High scores to disk"

Eeeek, I need to test the save routine and finish 1581 loader/saver. I've been busy with d81 writer plugin for MMC64.


Mike said...

No rush....still lots to do yet, if you want I'll let you know when I'm about to need it.

Is there a D64 writer somewhere?

Anonymous said...

1581 is almost ready, I just put it aside as I didn't have 1581 drive yet. Now that I got one I wanted a fast way to write disks with C64.

I think the best place to find MMC64 stuff is C64-Wiki entry. You may want to use 1581 anyway, my d81 writer is faster than Kratznagel's d64 writer :)


Mike said...

Will you write secotors, or just copy files? I'd like to put D64 files onto my 1581 - it makes life much easier.

So copying each file from a D64 image, and then writing it onto a 1581 disk would be great. :)

Anonymous said...

Disk image plugins write whole disk (although I plan to add BAM copy so only used tracks get written to disk), for file copy you need to wait until MMC64 browser author (heh :) adds that. Which reminds me that it doesn't understand d81 images at all. Should show contents like with d64.


luca said...

Uh...and what about the bog bosses system missing in your todo list? ;)

Mike said...

Well, that all depends on how much memory is free - I may or may not need to write all that stuff. If it progresses as it is now, then we'll just use sprites and I only need to add a single command - won't take long :)