Sunday, June 18, 2006

Football fever!

Been doing almost nothing except watching the world cup really. Some fairly good matches and some fairly dull ones but its great fun. I love watching good teams play, but it does bug me when commentators say this game or that game will be a walk over; all the teams had to fight to get to the world cup in the first place, so they're all pretty good. Ghana proved that yesterday by beating the Czech's, it was a game that everyone assumed would be a dull walkover by the Czech's.

I also discovered my projector takes in a HiDef signal! And although its sampled down, still means I can a truly outstanding picture! The projector does 960x540, so the 1920x1080 progressive image is sampled down, but boy its cool. So I've stolen the Cable TV box from the Living room and put it beside the projector and been living in HiDef Heaven!! I wonder what a proper 1920x1080 image looks like once its been projected onto an 8foot screen...

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