Thursday, October 19, 2006

XeO3: A work in progress...

I've added the new front end logo, made sure the game cycles properly and all the usual stuff. So I've decided to treat every one with a video of the current state of play. Its nothing fancy but shows the game running and lets you hear the sounds and music togther. The paths and animations aren't final, but it does show you it all working. Hope you can view it okay.

I've now got a grand total of 440 bytes left. This means the big squeze is on again! I also need to shuffle the memory map once more so that I can use large space at the top of memory to store the logo and character map. I hoped to keep this space, but it looks like its now about to get all used up. Bugger.

The only free or at least flexible space is now the sprite cache. This area can take a little bit of a pounding since if its not in the cache it'll just redo it. However, it does take more CPU time to re-cache something so I'm reluctant to do so.

Edit: The direct youtube link is:


Anonymous said...


By the way... When will we have a demo/or video of the C64 port? ;)

Mike said...

Not sure... I'd like to get it a bit further along before I do that. Get the frontend in as well. Also get the sprites resized, which means getting the editor a bit further along. idea...its ready when its ready :)

Anonymous said...

No worries mate, as long as you keep your blog updated I/we am/are happy!

The editor will be great from what I have read in your blog!