Monday, October 30, 2006

XeO3: Selling an idea.....

I was over at Lemon64 and they have a really handy poll there which asks what you do you C64-ing on, an actual machine, VICE,CCS64 or another emulator. I'd expected it to be around 15-20:1 in favour of emualtor (based on people I know), but I'm happy to be proved wrong again! Its early days on the poll (I think), but currently around 44% of you play on a real machine!! wow! Thats great, and pretty cool. It also brings up the question of selling disks again since my original argument was that ony a handful would want to buy an actual disk, I'll need to start another pool and see what people actually want but it may be we have to start thinking about making an actual product to sell to folk so they can play on their actual machines.

I wonder what the +4 ratio is.......


Anonymous said...

I am a c64 user, I have a c64, it is about 17 yo and works great, but as I live in a country where the c64 was not that popular (Portugal, I had also a Timex 1048, a spectrum clone but with two other video modes(never saw them used in games tho) I never bought a floppy drive and I have only the old trusty datasette. Thus these days I only use VICE or Hoxs64. And I came to enjoy and like the plus4 aswell and I use Yape. cheers! keep up the awesome job in your editor+game(s) ;)

Chicken said...

See, I told you so ;)

I know that many ppl like to play on the real machine because it adds another dimension.

Sure, emulators are great, especially if you don't own the real machine and have no space to set it up, leave alone software developing. But playing on the real machine is something different. And there are even ppl (though these days most ppl have realized that PCs and 8bitters can happily coexist) who don't like emulators at all.

Anonymous said...

You are right Chicken, the purists hate emus but I am query happy that Vice is such an advanced emulator, if it wasn't it I wouldn't have enjoyed the fabulous c64 demos for example. The same for the plus4, if it wasn't the emulators I would not enjoy it's games or programs, and I am anxiously waiting to try XeO3 on the c64, plus4 and spectrum. All on emus :P of if they come out in Tape I might give a try on my C64 and Timex 2048.

Mike said...

I think its down to DISK use. If people have disk drives then it looks like you'll use it longer - not to mention the fact its easier to get games for since you can download from the PC. But most folk get fed up waiting for TAPES to load and so migrate over to emulators - I know I'll never play another multi-loading TAPE game.

Chicken said...

Yeah, multi-loading games on tape are a delicate matter.

Though, if someone really wants to (press) play on tape, I'm sure there'll be somebody who does a tape version.
It still amazes me how well some fast tape loaders work (there are quite a bunch good ones on plus/4). Back then some of my friends didn't have a disk drive and so I made compilations for them. I recently found a tape with loads of games on it. No load errors after 18 years and it was a cheapo cassette and has been used a lot. And not too much waiting either... I created "load screens" (just saved the video ram) using the CBM charset. That brought back memories :)

Since Paulie Hughes' "freeload" (aka "the OCEAN loader") is public domain now, maybe somebody is interested to create a special tape version on C64, too, just for fun.

And blank and new short play tapes are easier to get than 5 1/4" disks.

Plus, the number of tape users is most likely so small that creating them "by hand" is not too much work.

yes, as you mentioned, emulators are great for checking out stuff :) Though, if I'd have a huge flat and lots of money I'd get the whole classic line up.
It's sad that those other video modes never were used. It's the same with several Russian Speccy clones. Some of them have special multi color modes, not used very often.

Anonymous said...

If you release a disk version I will buy a copy...assuming:

1) It has a nice label. Call me picky but I don't want to pay good money for a white label with hand-scribbled "GAME TITLE"

2) It's not too expensive. $20 would be pushing it for me. UNLESS it was decked out. ie: professional box, professional manual, professional disk or even better a cart.

Chicken said...

Yep, I don't think it's picky, it's about wanting a "real" product. I posted my point of view on this a few blog entries back.

Nowadays you can create awesome looking stuff at home. It's a matter of proper tools (sometimes money) and time... lots of time that Mike probably doesn't have or rather spends on more important things.
Industrial printing for small numbers is not an option. Initial costs are too high. Unless you own a printshop :(

I already contacted a paper factory to see if they have standard boxes that are slightly bigger than a 5 1/4" disk. No luck, though :( I think a (kinda) flat squared box would be nice. It's easy to attach a spray glued label on top (accurate positioning is mandatory).

Disk covers are easy to print and to make them look/feel good depends mostly on the paper quality (and decent cutting tools/scissors).

I think cartridges are out of question. Just too much money and work creating them.

Maybe someone can ask those Prophet64 guys how much they paid and who manufactured those. The cart looks great!

Anonymous said...

The original one, definitely.