Tuesday, October 24, 2006

RetroEdit: Clean up.

I've not done that much tonight, just cleaning the code up and putting in the machine selection system I was yattering on about yesterday. Now if I load in some sprites and I select SPECTRUM as the global machine state, it sets all the sprites to hires. Same goes for PLUS4 and C64. On SPECTRUM mode, it also disables MCM selections and so on. This is the kind of things I've been doing, nothing earth shattering.

I've also added in an Enable Mask tick box, and an Edit Mask tick (which becomes active when masks are enabled - of course). This means on spectrum sprites, you can edit masks along with the sprites. I'm thinking of putting in a basic "light box" mode as well, to let you see the next (and possibly the previous ) frame so animation is a little easier. I'll also allow this mode for MASK editing, so you can see the shape you're trying to bring out. All these kinds of features till take time to do which is a bit of a pain, but its back to the problem of a single state that then effect the almost every other state, and you have to make sure its valid. Yuck.

I hope to start basic editing tomorrow so that it'll actually become useful, so once I get HIRES and MCM drawing it, I can let Luca lose on it, and see how it holds up. I need to figure out how to detect key presses in c# first so I can use things like + and - to change sprites, and 'm' to toggle the mask view on and off, that kind of thing. So still lots to do.


Chicken said...

The "light box" mode is a very good idea! Should help frame by frame animation a lot. If you can (and it's not too much work) let the user adjust the level of opacity of the current frame.

And why not include that "Enable Mask" tick box for plus/4, too? Even though masking takes lots of time on plus/4, I remember that some ppl liked the masked sprites you demoed a while ago very much. Maybe other games need less sprites and have time enough for masking.

Mike said...

Yeah, could do...

The Mask isn't dedicated to the spectrum, every sprite on every machine can have a mask. It's optional, so if you dont want it, don't enable it.