Tuesday, October 17, 2006

XeO3: C64 Transfter

I've spent the evening building a PC64 transfer cable for the C64, and after looking around for the simple transfer programs, found none. I was pointed at a couple but every one I look at needs to be compiled, typed in.... something. Sod that - I'll port my Plus4 one. All it needs is the GetAByte function. Its tiny (around 256 bytes), and the PC command line is very simple - download and/or run. Easy.

I've also started looking at the editor again, but this time I'm making it a bit more flexable to help with the spectrum version. Before I was just storing MCM pixels as a single colour byte and assuming it was MCM. I also kept the sprite a fixed size since I was only interested in 16x16. But Russell can have any size on the spectrum - which would be nice - also quicker. When making larger sprites I have to join several 16x16's together. This sounds okay, but because a 16x16 is in fact a 24x24 due to the scroll region around each sprite, theres a lot of overlap and over drawing - which isn't good. The only problem with making a sprite system that could handle larger sprites is the cache would have to somehow autosize....It is possible, and for larger objects would be quicker - but it'd be a pain in the arse to write.

So I'll play with the C64<->PC transfer cable for the rest of the night, and then start back onto the editor tomorrow - saying my son gives me enough free time that is! It would be nice to get a debug stub onto the C64 as well, and finish my remote debugger. I got pretty far on the plus4 side, downloading, executing, stopping, stepping etc... not bad. I think I'd probably take all the code into C# now. Things like screen drawing and GUI's are just easier in that.


Chicken said...

I added some comments to "The big Squeeze" and to "The front end". Dunno if you keep track of the previous entries or check for all new comments.

About the comments on the Spectrum blog... Are you thinking about a C128 version? ;) With even more cycles free than on C64 you can probably add some cool stuff. Though, I don't wanna see you getting distracted from the plus/4 version :)


Like my T-Shirt? ;)

Anonymous said...

Well, maybe not C128, bt Atari 800XL...mmmm... ;)

Mike said...

C128 will "probably"just be a super-charged C64 version.... but you never know if I finished th e+4 and C64, I might play with making a "special" c128 version.

Atari...yeah... well... CPU wise it should manage okay - graphically, not to sure, with only 128 chars most of that will be taken up with sprites. I'll probably leave it to someone else to port it - they'll have the source after all.

And yes. I read all the comments - I get them in emails as well as on here.