Wednesday, October 11, 2006

XeO3: And then there were 3.....

It seems like there may be another member of the XeO3 family! Russell Kay (author of PC Lemmings) who I currently sit beside at work and harass like a badger with a sore bum, has been persuaded to have a play with some old spectrum stuff again. He has actually written a spectrum game years and years ago called Zone Trooper . It wasn't wonderful, but he was just doing a port so it's not his fault, the code however was fab, and he did love the old speccy. So now, he's back - at least for a while - to have a play at doing a spectrum version of XeO3. Great Stuff!! Could it be the first multi-platform games release on the +4, C64 and Spectrum in well over 10 years?? Time will tell....

So, after that great news....I've nothing much to report. I've had an evening off and sat down and watched a film. I have imported the Plus/4 colour map into the editor and tomorrow I hope to start making the editor more usable - rather than just an animation tool. Still I'm a little sort on energy, so I think its an early night.

So...nothing done and it's STILL been a great night for XeO3 news!!


Anonymous said...

Yes, definitely good news :)

I'm really curious about the Spectrum graphics/"sprites"... color clashes or not? For which Spectrum version he's planning to do the port? Will he do everything by himself? Or any ppl helpingout?

Btw, I just bought 30 new 5 1/4" disks (totally overpriced but still sealed) so no need to distribute the game on old disks, if you choose to make a disk version available. I'll keep these boxed... So whenever the release date arrives, let me know :)


Mike said...

Nothing set in stone yet - obviously, except that it's for the original 48k spectrum. We'll leave the whole game to him to decided what he does and how he does it.

But, he's a very technical person, so the blog should be a great read!

Anonymous said...

Oh, he's blogging as well?! That's even more good news :)

You mentioned that "soft sprites" are much easier to do on Spectrum but still I'm curious how he'll fit everything in to the Speccy's ram and how he's handling the Speccy's graphical limitations. Really something I'm looking forward to read about.
Well, the 48k one didn't have the AY soundchip, did it? I guess I should ask this in his blog then...