Monday, June 25, 2007

XeO3: update....

Well, the cache really is working well now. I've been able to strip it down from 137 entrys to 100 with out any noticable slow down. This saves around 2.5k which is great, but I may need the extra space if I want to bring on multiple baddie types at once, so I'm not about to splurge on memory just yet!

But the good news is that we're now at a point where I can FINALLY progress to the weapons system!! Everything appears to be running, and is stable, so thats going to be the next task!

Once I've done that I can look to making a new demo - PLAYABLE this time, albeit looking like mince. We don't want to give too much away on how it looks/feels so we're going to remove most of the backgrounds (make them solid blocks) and make the sprites very simple too. This will allow me to craft the difficulty a little better to users abilities and not make it too hard; which was the chief complaint with Blood Money (apparently). So while the games not really being closed to being finished, you do at least have something in the short term to look forward to!

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