Thursday, June 28, 2007

XeO3: More and more.

Okay - I've changed the little bits of the script engine anyway... damn you all!! Making me feel guilty! bah! But I guess, a scanline is still a scanline saved so... *sigh* - your all bastards....the lot of you! :)

I'm also busy changing my code from using #<Address to #Lo(Address) so that I can remove the shortcut "<". This will let me add to my assembler and do 65816 and do a full 24bit address range, which will in turn allow me to do SuperCPU stuff someday.

If anyone uses SNASM, then you might want to start changing over now as the assembler supports both at the moment. Future versions will only support Lo() and Hi() operators - but its all in a good cause!

I find it oddly relaxing doing minor code changes, move this, changing that while not doing any real work, its all just cleaning up and making it better. This is probably because you don't really get the time to do it as a profesional developer, you code as best you can as quickly as you can, and rarely do you get to go back and polish the code just for the sake of it.


Anonymous said...

damn you all!! Making me feel guilty! bah!

Sorry... :)

I'm in a lucky position at work - any bug has potential of stopping all salaries completely. That includes my boss as well, so I have plenty of time not only make things work but to make them work well. And then use more time documenting everything...

Thinking about that, now I know why I like simplicity of old 8-bitters :)


Mike said...

I know what you mean....I miss them because you just dont get close to a machines hardware anymore. In fact as time goes on its becoming more and more virtualised.

I like shuffeling cycles - and I miss it.. :o(