Monday, June 18, 2007

XeO3: Damn bugs.......

I'm still trying to find this bug, and without much luck. I thought I'd found it earlier, but no joy. I'm fairly sure its something to do with the new cache, but I just can't track it down. If I could get it to do the same in Minus4, I could debug it properly, but it runs okay there; that leads me to think its hitting an undocumented opcode that yape and a real Plus4 won't do, but that Minus 4 does do. When adding the codes, I just added them all....I didnt really stop to think that it might not work on the actual machine. I hope to build a new version of Minus4 tomorrow without the undocumented op's - or rather without all the extra ones XeO3 doesn't use.

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