Monday, June 25, 2007

XeO3: Internet development to the rescue!!

Well, TNT to the rescue! He spotted the problem and its not working a treat. Heres the final function, and you can see how all suggestions have been added and sped things up.

; Y = rotation index
; Temp+16 = pointer to the raw sprite info with an
; 8 byte cache index table
lda (Temp+16),y
ldx Cache_Next-1,y
beq Skip_MoveToEnd
lda Cache_Prev-1,y
sta Cache_Prev-1,x

bne !We_are_Not_First ; STA above does not change flags
stx FirstCache ; X still holds Cache_Next-1
beq !SkipNotFirst

tax ; NOW get prev
lda Cache_Next-1,y
sta Cache_Next-1,x
lda #0 ; Only need to clear here

sta Cache_Next-1,y
lax LastCache
sta Cache_Prev-1,y ; *BUG HERE* -1 added.
sta Cache_Next-1,x
sta LastCache

And there you go! Beleive it or not, this tiny bit of code is the whole reason XeO3 got started!! I wrote the whole sprite routine to try THIS big of code out! Stupid really... but there ya go!

Many thanks guys!

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