Thursday, June 21, 2007

XeO3: Sprite time...

So I'm sitting here fixing the damage I did while debugging last night, and it occurs to me that Im wasting time and memory with my sprite system - again; although not much of either this time.....

I currently store a bitmask to tell me if a rotation is cached, and an index which points to it - like this

db BitMask ; 1 bit per rotation. In MCM mode, ever other bit is unused.
db Rotation1_Index
db Rotation2_Index
db Rotation3_Index
db Rotation4_Index
db Rotation5_Index
db Rotation6_Index
db Rotation7_Index
db Rotation8_Index
ds 32 ; Raw Sprite Graphic

Now, before I changed everything to indexes, the bitmask made sense, as it was quicker to check than the address. But now.... All I need to do is load the rotation index data and see if its 0. This will save 167 bytes, and all the time I spend masking the rotation flags. It will also help me speed up the cache itself - a little.

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