Tuesday, July 01, 2008

More Blood Money from a stone....

I've managed to get everything back up and running properly now, well... except shops. For some reason they aren't being printed correctly at all. Turns out the multiply routine had a bug, probably a character removed by accident one of the times I was browsing away at the source. Anyway, that fixed the character sprites, and the circle script function (which was the other crash). So now the whole of level 1 is playing away fine and Im wondering what I can change first. I suspect I'll back up what I have working here as its taken quite a while to get it running again, but after that I'd like to try and put in a static starfield.

For now Im trying to replace the xply routine I had there as the new one I use in XeO3 is a third quicker taking only 119 cycle (worst) as opposed to 164. That will save around 32 scanlines in itself when all 16 sprites are in use doing the circle command (which is when the speed drops to a crawl). However its not working, and I'm not really sure why. Looks like the low byte of the result is wrong - very odd.

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