Monday, July 28, 2008

Debugger plugins

I've now got the debugger loading both CPU and COMMS plugins and have added a new ISymbolTable interface to deal with multiple symbol table formats. The idea obviously being that you can select different symbol table file formats that are independent of the CPU and COMMS control systems.

I've been thinking about the interface needed to both the comms and the cpu modules and I think a simplistic interface will work. I'll expand the CPU model to deal with breakpoints instead of the debugger just write break instructions, this does mean there will be an upper limit to breakpoints, something I didn't have to worry about before. Still, the monitor only has to have 2 for effective debugging, although MIPS debugging with a delay slot would be.... interesting. :)

I've also had to make an interface DLL rather than just have the .EXE hold everything, otherwise development would be difficult due to circular dependancies. However, its not amazingly important - just annoying.

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