Thursday, July 24, 2008

MMC64 loader finished

I've now completed V1.0 of the loader complete with PRG file loading. Its shot up a little to about 900 bytes but it's now functionally complete. The only thing missing (which isn't vital just now) is error checking on initialisation. Its not important because if youve done a game thats supposed to load from an MMC card and its not there, then you have bigger problems! I've just ordered a retro replay so I can check all is well with that too (okay, okay...Coz it's cool...)

So tomorrow night I'll try and knock up a new downloads page somewhere and get all this up for you lot to play with. I'm not sure what I'll work on next but I like the idea of using the MMC card loader in the C64 version of XeO3.

I also want to do a proper Super CPU version of the loader so I can start playing more with that. I'd love to see how many software sprites I can pile on a bitmap screen, and I'd love to try that Lemmings idea too...

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