Friday, May 16, 2008

XeO3: The future...

I was sitting here updating the panel so that the power bar on the right wasn't the player shield anymore, but a weapon energy bar and I got to thinking.... what other games could you use this engine for?

Well, aside from more shoot-em-ups, platform games spring to mind! You could update the scrolling so it goes both directions, and change player input so that it stands on the background, and hay preso! A platformer!

I sped the scrolling up to 8 pixels a game tick to see just how fast I could push it, and it managed that pretty well, so you could be moving really fast too! It also occured that if you DID update the scrolling to go both ways, you could do a full Uridium clone! Uridium only had 7 baddies and you, so it should work pretty well!

Theres nothing to say of course you dont update the scrolling to go vertically either so that you can do vertical scrolling games. Hell, you could ditch the scrolling and have static screens and puzzle or adventure (Atic Atac style) games!

I really do need to get on with it so that others can play with the source and we get some good NEW games out there!

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