Monday, May 26, 2008

Bandwidth Leachers!

I've just spent an hour getting an image script working so that I can stop people leaching bandwidth. Now, dont get me wrong, I actually have stacks of bandwidth left, and I don't even mind them using the images! But what really gets me is when they point directly to one of my images for use as an avatar! If they're a moderator or something, then this image could get pulled down thousands of times! More to the point, if they're a moderator, then they should have the good manners to copy the image onto their own bloody servers! It's not like I'm going around demanding they take down stuff thats on my site, I'm pretty open about people using stuff.. *sigh*

Actually... I downloaded a nice little script, then spent an hour debugging it and making it work! It had several errors in it - typical. :)

(Fek... Now I have to update all my sites so that they can't just pinch another one!)

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