Saturday, May 24, 2008

XeO3: Almost there!

I've made pretty good progress this evening and have managed to get all the player controls in and working; along with the player ship of course! This means you can now play the C64 version almost fully, shooting things and picking up coins etc. This now also now includes the shooting of turrets and mines, and they even explode correctly. I took a little while to get the player ship on as I had a bug in the Plus4 to C64 sprite conversion routine (all graphics are converted at startup so I can use the same data files), but once that was solved, I was able to move the ship around and start blasting away!

This leaves a few things left before its on par with the Plus4 version; Panel - power bar (shield and weapons), score, lives and coins, and testing ship to background collision. Once thats all done, it'll be at the same level as the Plus4 version. Its a pitty I dont have the old demo level still as I could make a video of it playing. Oh well...

I'd set myself 4 days to update and complete the port, and still expect to finish on time (for a change!) - although its probably because I've got a couple of days off which is making it easier...

However... don't get too excited, the Plus4 version will still be the only one released for now, but I might release the C64 version a few weeks after if theres enough demand.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent work.

I'm following this project with a great deal of interest. I was deeply impressed at the Plus/4 demo released ages ago so I'm looking forward to seeing both completed versions.