Friday, November 02, 2007

XeO3: Here we go again.....

I've not done nearly as much as I'd hoped on XeO3 this year. I was convinced THIS was going to be it's year. A few things got in the way, my new found electronics hobby - which should still prove interesting to others once I start to finish things, and the fact I HATE makeing levels. Always have. Hate it! Hate it! Hate it!

But I think at the VERY least, I need to get the test level done so we can at least make some progress. For those that don't know, the plan is it make a 1 level demo with simple graphics but the game playing. This lets us (Luca and I) test the game mechanics out and at the same time, make sure we're not aiming to high (or low) on the difficulty side.

So...... to this end, I've decided to try and force myself to produce a new 1 level playable demo, and to release it AT THE VERY LATEST for Christmas. I really hope it'll be WAY sooner than that (a couple of weeks would be better), but Christmas at the latest.

Then once I get some feedback from everyone that's played it, we can both start to try and put the final game together.

..........well, thats the theory. So hands up if you believe one word of it?

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