Monday, November 26, 2007

Minus4: More on profiling....

You know, the one thing I really like about machines getting bigger and better, is that it lets you be lazy. In Minus4 I could do special functions to hunt quickly for symbols as quickly as possibly, arranging it all in a nice binary tree, while at the same time maintaining a 2D linked list so that I can find the symbol closest to an address.

Or.... being lazy and having a big machine....I can create a 256K table of symbol pointers.

I like lazy. Code is easy, and I can get onto what matters.

So I've only a couple of bits left of the Minus4 profiler. One is a ZOOM function; which it does actually do just now but I need a user interface, and the second is a symbol look up so that the addresses make sense to a developer. The blurb above means I can do the symbol lookup REALLY easily, so that will just leave the zoom and scroll bit (to let you view around the window area easily).

Then I can get back onto XeO3 and rearrange memory to be more efficiant.

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