Sunday, November 04, 2007

XeO3: Demo level....

I managed to get Luca to send the test level again, so I've now put that in and have started making new alien wave's. Heres the current plan for the demo.
  1. Have the front end as is
  2. Only have 1 weapon type but allow you to power it up.
  3. Have the full weapon power up/down sequence

  4. Only a couple of baddie types.
  5. fix all current bugs before release.

Speaking of bugs, I've found another couple.
  1. If you shoot a "group" of sprites too quickly, its possible to get multiple pickups. A group is only supposed to leave 1 item.
  2. The baddie radius isn't used! This means all baddies have a fixed bullet collision area
  3. If you collect a weapon pickup you appear to lose a bullet.
  4. 2 character wide bullets don't always appear to hit baddies.
I've fixed the 1st and I'm about to fix the radius one, but I'll fix the rest later. I want to try and get some paths going.

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