Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Powering up.....

Because I was ill over Christmas, it's actually been a while since I did any real work at home. So I thought I'd make an effort to get over this and actually DO something!

To this end I've resumed the refactoring of RetroEdit and decided to get editing actually working and usable. So now that I think I've actually finished the refactor I was wanting, I've started to write the editing features. I've currently got hires sprites being editing, so I'm about to try MultiColour Mode ones. I'll then do some basic features like scrolling the whole thing around the window, flip etc. then move onto colour editing.

I need to get the selected machine's palette drawn so I can pick colours and then I need to tackle saving. I'll need a PROJECT save, and a binary save. I'll also need to allow plugins so that folk like Russell can save formats he wants to deal with; although he may well end up doing his own editor, but others might need it so...

With a bit of luck, most of these shouldn't take very long, and I can take the core of the sprite editing and move it to the character editing tab. The core concept of this is a special RetroBitmap control. This allows you to deal with retro graphics directly without having to write huge chunks of code over and over - its also a standard control so others could use it in their own projects if they wanted to.

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