Wednesday, December 17, 2008

SID tunes.

I discovered today that one of our musicians has discovered the SID chip. He got hold of a new synth that uses SID emulation (due to lack of SID chips) and has been making music with them. I find this amazing really, that folk are rediscovering older tech like SID chips and putting them to work making really. It's also funny when others comment that it’s all old hat and a waste of time that new comers find so much enjoyment in them that they buy dedicated units to play with. Stuart (Ross) said that while the SID is pretty harsh in its basic form, he loves the way the filters work and the sounds you can get with them - which is of course why oldies like me still love to listen to old SID tunes. While the sound is somewhat unique, at the heart of our favourites is a good tune and because of that, more musicians are re-discovering the wonders of the likes of SID/Synth style music. Great stuff.


Anonymous said...

Get him to check out MSSIAH. SID for 2008.

snap2grid said...

Hooray for Ring Modulation! And ADSR! Of course using an emulator instead of the real thing is obviously a travesty yadda yadda. :)