Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Java, java everywhere and not a drop to drink.

So it turns out the ZIP file issue I was having is a bug, and SUN have now filed it. This is good as it means I'm not going mad! Someone from Sun got in touch and I was able to send them the offending file, so with any luck no one else will have to pull their hair out in frustration.

It's also good to know that it is indeed simple to read ZIPs, and I have been making steady progress now. I now have the ZIP being downloaded, and the first D64 being loaded and run. I really need to orginise the file processing better as it - well sucks. Its hacked in really badly and is sorely in need of a re-orginisation so that the normal rules about loading D64s and PRGs then apply to the contents of the ZIP. That said, I feel like I'm getting sucked further and further into emulator development again, and thats not something I want to do again (or at least, not right now).

This means I'll be hacking together a simple version and then I may update it later to allow better support and the zipping of everything.

I have also started using collections inside java (more to see what they're like than any real need), and while similar to C#, they just aren't as nice. C# has lots of little features like array access to them and handy functions like sorting all built in, where as its a little cruder in Java. Still, at least they're there...

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