Thursday, December 04, 2008


I've been reading through my PHP for dummies book and I'm actually having fun with it! Its very like C/C++/C# with only minor differences really, so I'm thinking of using the Plus4world database to try a few things out; read only mode of course, I;m not stupid! So what I think I'll try first is to see if I can make a "play online" page.

The reason for this is that i've spent quite a bit of time going through all the games and testing them out with the new Minus4j, and their working pretty well. But I'd like to get them all listed so I can see how many we have and get them all under one roof - as it were. It'll also (obviously) teach me more about PHP, and the more I know, the more I can help Csabo out on the site - or thats the plan.

I'm obviously no where near that stage yet, but I find that doing a real project helps focus what your doing and helps you learn. So here we go!

I took was also speaking to someone about multi monitor setups a while back and was saying that while I have 3 monitors at home, I actually have 4 at work! So I've taken a piccy of my development setup (I should really do a home one too - even though its a hell of a mess) for you all to mock. I've got a really old TFT for my main source monitor as it rotates and gives me more lines to read - which is cool. All those monitors are from one machine and gives a lovely big desktop, which means I have loads of programs open at once, So much so...I think I need more RAM - Vista being the power hog that it is. Good fun though!

Oh...and you'll notice I'm still a fan of the good old "clunky" keyboard - I had to look long and hard for a good "click" one! I hate these springy things.


Anonymous said...

Nice setup!

What's the tissue box for? The iMac makes you cry? ;)

Cherry ( in Germany makes those clicky keyboards (UK layouts, too). Just in case you should ever need a new one.
I like them because I get a feedback without looking at the display or the keyboard. Though, most of my colleagues detest them because of the noise ;)

Mike said...

For whem I'm programming and getting too excited - obviously!

I have to "touch" and "feel" a keyboard first, very few mesure up. They have to be mechanical (spring based) and have a good stong CLICK when pressed.

And yes.... they all hate me too, but I don't care, coz they all smell :)

GB said...

> So what I think I'll try first is to see if I can make a "play online" page.

PHP is server-side. What you will use for client-side? Browser?