Saturday, November 08, 2008

New version of Minus4j released.

Well, I've decided to release what I've done so far so that Plus4world (and anyone else) can get the new head over to my MINUS4 site and get the latest one if you need it. Heres a list of the changes...

  • Updated rendering engine ported from Minus4w, should handle more cases.
  • Updated CPU processing ported from Minus4w. More games should run.
  • Fix a crash in the CPU processing.
  • Changed the colours to what Yape uses (much nicer)
  • Added FLASH attribute, so things now...flash. (Manic Miner keys, Monty pick-ups etc.)
  • Fixed the rendering frameskip - it was always skipping at least 1 frame *idiot*
  • Fixed the overflow flag (V) on the ADC instruction. Mercenary now works!
  • Added the new "joy" paramater
  • Fixed commando - added several undocumented NOP codes.
  • SOME vertical scrolling games work.
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