Saturday, November 01, 2008

Almost there....

I've just about got my PC setup again, althought theres always going to be apps I've forgotten about and will only rediscover later on. I thought I could get away with just installing the C# Express edition for all my needs, but alas no. I really need macro support and it doesn't have source control built in so I'll have to install the full Visual Studio again. I do hope to do some C# Express projects for the debugger to allow people to write plug-ins without having to buy the full visual studio though.

Speaking of source control... I've reinstalled Visual Source Safe so I can get access to my old repository but I'm thinking I want to install SubVersion. This would bring me upto date a little and allow others to check stuff in/out of my depo. Russell's been moaning at me for months to let him get access to the debugger and so he can keep upto date with the XeO3 source. I have come across a tool which converts VSS databases into subversion ones, so I'll have to give that a go - I like having all the history for them, but as long as I still have to old VSS repository I guess its not a huge issue.

The guys wanting to do a CPC+ version of XeO3 got in touch (again - I missed them 1st time around; my bad), so we'll have to have a chat and see if they meet the criteria for offical developers (Yes, I'm a picky bastard...).

I'm having a slight issue with my new install as it's a 64bit OS, my 32bit apps are struggling to talk to the parallel port. Still, once I get DevStudio installed, I'll see if I can fix all that. It should also mean I can release 32+64 bit versions, or I might take the opportunity to port them to C# and mono.

I've also downloaded a VMPlayer and will get a mono vm image so I can start doing Linux support. This will let me play with Linux without having to dedicate a machine to it, or even reboot into it. (I hope - depends on how the free vm player works.)

So with any luck... back to normal next week!


Anonymous said...

You got mail!

Anonymous said...

hey mike..

stay away from that microsoft source
control rubbish :==) Actually.. why
don't you have a look at git ?

At least if you
plan to do branching&merging subversion
is mostly useless unless you use
scripts like "svnmerge" which makes
merging somewhat bearable.

And if I may suggest a Linux distro
you should go for Ubuntu :D

By the way.. the DMA history website is
nice (although the layout seems a bit
broken in firefox..) Are you going
to complete it at some point? I really
got into reading it after a while and
then it just stopped .. *boo* ! :)


Mike said...

VisualSourceSafe is great for a a single developer, or if its nothing complex. I've used it worry free for years. But now that I want to allow multiple folk access over the web, its time to change.

Yeah, Ubuntu is the one I intend to install, I hear nothing but good things about it.

Well, I only have so much time, and so many arms/fingers. Yeah, I'll finish it sometime - and it'll get easier once I get to 93-94 time as there were loads more people around. But it all takes time.

I did plan to try and port it over to a database/php format rather than plain HTML at somepoint, but never got the time. I really do need about 36 hour days...

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

Check out VirtualBox, it's a totally free cross-platform VM from Sun, is very quick and has some excellent features.

Mike said...

Nope, didn't know abotu that one. I'll have a look there as well - ta.

PypeBros said...

(subscribed to the flow)
i haven't figured out if you were actually a game developer back in the commodore days, and so, but keep up talking us about your past and present project: that seems something worth-reading, definitely.



Mike said...

Yeah I did a couple of games for DMA Design and Psygnosis back in tbe day.... long time ago now!