Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Albatross!! Albatross!!! Get yar Albatross here!

okay... Got slightly side tracked as a beta of Call of Duty 5 came out today so I had to have a blast at it... FAB game, got to be one of my fav all time games the COD series. Anyway... Aside from that I'm trying to update Minus4j for Plus4world so they can get more games on line, and so its well....better.

It does have some issues and I thought I'd port back some Minus4w stuff. This should be easy as the source for Minus4w originally came from Minus4j. So it was all going swimingly well, then BANG! It all fell apart. I have the drawing code ported back and as far as I can tell its now identical, except Minus4w works, and Minus4j jumps up and down like a rabbit on a pogo stick. So now I find myself in need of an applet debugger. Im sure it'll be obvious once I debug it, but until I do... I'm a bit stuck. Fek. I could undo it all and then just fix one issue at a time, but that seems silly as Minus4w is much bette over all.


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