Thursday, November 13, 2008

More improvements to Minus4j

So I was adding the escape and run-stop keys to the emulator last night, and was about to change the fire key from space to control (or something) when I hit a road block. Java doesn't GIVE you acess to the control key - or shift and ALT for that matter. These keys come through as modifiers, meaning you only get them when another key is pressed. Fek.

I'll need to look at other emulators and see what they do, but if this is the case Im not sure where fire will go - unless I disable the KEYBOARD "space" while joystick is active. Thats a bit fudgy, but it would work.

Oh well, I'll just have to carry on until I figure out something better.

And another thing.... In the future I hope to ditch Java altogether and move to Silverlight which is all C# (much nicer!). Someones already done a simple spectrum emulator HERE and while its not ballistic (because it still quite new), it will be better in the future, and MUCH nicer to code for. I suspect any C++ app can be ported over to it reasonably easily - since its C# and not java. Very cool.

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