Saturday, June 07, 2008

XeO3: The finishing touches!!

I'm now putting the final touches to the demo! Yep, I'm almost there... I'm adding a simple BOSS to get the end of level some meaning, although while doing so it threw up a couple of bugs and issues.

First, I've changed how the NOSHOOT and NOCOLLISION flag works. NOSHOOT now simply means that while the bullet hits, it won't cause any damage, while NOCOLLISION now means it has no collision AT ALL! So neither Bullets or players will hit it. This makes a little more sense and allows for baddies to be shot at while coming on screen, but take no damage.

I've also changed the parent system, so that a sprite marked as a CHILD now uses the path/sprite than SPAWNED it as its parent. This feels more logical when building paths.

I've also fixed a bug where by if you kill a sprite that was PAUSED, the BOOM animation was over running.

So... there you go... Almost there! Just need to finish the level off, and then make up a batch file to allow you to build your own levels, an that'll be that! (I think...)

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