Thursday, June 12, 2008

XeO3: Final - FINAL - cleanup!

Well theres always SOMETHING left to do isn't there!

I've added pause and quit keys (Shift-Lock and Escape respectivly).
I now clear the screen on quit.
I've now made the front end options work.
I added an explosion sound when the player dies.
I kill sound effects when you quit. (kind of)
I fixed a bug where when you quit with bullets flying, it wasn't being reset.

Thats about it.... A couple of folk invloved have recieved test versions and they seem to be more or less happy, and with these changes, so are we....pretty much :)

I plays reasonably well I think, but we'll see what everyone else thinks about it when they get a chance to play with it over the weekend.


Anonymous said...

The plural of 'reply' is 'replies'.

Is that smart arse enough? ;)

Apart from being a smart arse, I don't really have anything to say, except that I'm really looking forward to the demo of XeO3!

Mike said...

It was just there to test you - well done, you've won the most annoying reply!


Hope you enjoy it though, and please give some feedback after you've played for a while.

Anonymous said...

mike said: "well done, you've won the most annoying reply!"

Heh heh. I deserve it too.

By the way, this whole scripting thing you're doing with the game sounds great. Excitement levels rising, captain!