Saturday, December 08, 2007

XeO3: More debugging stuff.

Well, not DEBUGGING as such, but stuff to help making paths that little bit simpler. The current problem I have with creating new paths is that I have to scroll through the whole level to see the path I'm doing. This means everytime I make a minor change, it takes a few seconds good seconds to get to the point where the path is even before I see the alteration. This is a pain.

So, I've decided to add some code to try and fast forward the level before the game starts which means I should be able to design the paths where the are supposed to be, without having to use YAPE's warp feature to get there.

For the scroll this is pretty simple; draw tiles until I'm there. But for the path script its a little harder. I need to have a dummy process where I look at the command and process its cycle count, but dont process the path. Basiclly run the master path in TURBO mode too. This means when the screen fades on, there won't be baddies there, but all the counters and locations will be right.

Well, thats the theory...

On a little side not, I was thinking that now I have the SuperCPU drawing a software character map into a bitmap, theres nothing stopping me drawing lines right over the top of it all - or even polygons! Because I don't have ANY character problems, I can use the screen like the bitmap it is and possibly draw R-Type style lasers with lines that bounce around the screen, or perhaps draw a 3D baddie; although that might look very odd....

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