Thursday, December 06, 2007

SuperCPU: Scrolling...

I've managed to get Level 1 of XeO3 scrolling on the SuperCPU using my software character map - well, a test anyway as the map is still 8bit, but that would be a simple change. What this now means is I can now load up and convert the sprites into a BITMAP system, and then see how many I can draw!

The other thing I was thinking was, why am I sticking to the normal 40x21 layout? Why now 21x40? Storing the screen in columns makes sprite drawing much easier and would fit a lot better with the internals of the sprite system.

One thing that "may" now break is the optimised sprite render as I no longer know if a space has been printed. I guess I could carry on as normal using a character system since I now have no limit on the characters available, but Im not sure. My gut tells me that in the long run, it would be slower, still that "space" optimisation is very cool and speeds things up hugely....

Watching the scrolling go its a little dishartening as it looks just like a normal C64 version. But I know its far cooler as being a bitmap I can now have 3 colours per tile AND since its a software charactermap I can animate ANY tiles I want and have the whole screen move without batting an eye!

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