Sunday, December 23, 2007

XeO3: Damn....

Damn, damn....damn..............damn.

Running out of time; so much for getting a level done by Christmas! I have done a little more on it, so its not totally dead in the water. I'm also now on holiday so I hope to be able to do even more. However....a couple of things still left to do.

1) Finish the paths - I HATE doing paths.
2) Update the weapons system so that it has a power bar and it downgrades as you play. This idea is still a work in progress, so it'll be interesting to see exactly how it'll work in practice. I suspect it'll need some tweeking as we go.
3) Strip out all unused baddies for the demo.

And thats about it. So not a lot, but a lot to do in a couple of days. It may be I have to aim for NewYear, and not Christmas - but I'm not giving up just yet.

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